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release date  2015-06-07

Aerial gondola at low altitude, a visible light conditions, the use of high-resolution digital camera, access high-resolution image data, and POS parameters and the captured images are recorded, with rapid, real-time capability for earth observation, resource surveys, environmental monitoring provides a powerful tool.

General pipe laying lines long distance, wide cross-domain alone the traditional method of artificial transmission line, there is inefficient, labor-intensive, with long and other issues. Pod system using optical scanning task, can improve the efficiency of the inspection, the inspection cost savings, better inspection results.

By definition of visible light shooting and multispectral real-time monitoring and detection and location; the scene real-time monitoring, hazard detection and location; emergency relief automatic route planning, fast response;

Optical pod system more secure maritime patrol plays an important role in the maintenance of maritime security, to ensure maritime traffic safety, containment shipwreck, prevent maritime disasters, prevention of marine pollution, the marine environment.

For oil pipelines, inspection mission systems use high-definition cameras, the situation on the ground in and around the pipeline to shoot video, view near the surface whether there is a natural disaster or man-made destruction.

UAV patrol improve the speed and efficiency of the power line maintenance, can quickly complete the job in a fully charged environment, provide a strong guarantee for the security of the people of electricity. According to statistics UAV optical pod patrol line nearly 40 times higher than the efficiency of artificial transmission line;

Forest fires often have unexpected features, which need to forest fire suppression work should have the ability to quickly react, to fight the forest fire extinguished in the bud, can promptly detect a fire place, analyze the recent water distribution, save a lot of valuable time, significantly reduce the fire damage, saving manpower, material and financial resources.

Combined with the drone pod obtain more intuitive and accurate intelligence information and quality of intelligence information to strengthen the comprehensive analysis and forecast, to find and extract valuable intelligence information from various clues to determine symptoms, accurately grasp the deeper horror forces movements, the struggle to seize the initiative.

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